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Second Visit Wheaton Family Chiropractic

Dr Myers talking to patientsLet the Healing Begin

Your second visit is the most important visit in the office because the doctor will be going through the exam and X-ray findings from the previous day and will be making recommendations based upon your findings from your exam.

Most patients ask if they can bring their spouse to this appointment, and in fact it is highly encouraged because of the importance of the information being discussed and the decisions about your health that are being made.

Exam Findings & Consultation

When you enter the office, you will be warmly greeted by name and given educational literature before watching a short video before meeting with the doctor. After the video the doctor will meet with you and go over the X-ray and exam findings in detail and give you options so you can make the best choice for you and your families best interest.

Care Plan

After you have made your choice for the type of care you are looking for you will meet with a staff member who will go over the finances to show you how to make the care you have chosen affordable.

Spinal Exercises & Adjustment

After the the paperwork is completed you will be shown how to perform your spinal exercises to get your body ready for your first chiropractic adjustment in our office. Your adjustment will be performed based upon the findings on the X-rays and the staff will set you up with you custom rehab plan made up by the doctor to correct your spine and improve your health. The healing has begun….

The second visit into the office normally lasts about an hour. The doctor will tell you when to schedule your next appointment which is our new patient orientation.

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