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Dr Myers talking to patientsOur Wheaton Chiropractic office uses procedures and adjunctive services that help our patients enjoy the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. Among other Chiropractors, here at Wheaton Family Chiropractic there are certain health conditions we especially enjoy helping patients with. Sometimes it’s because they’re challenging, and other times because it’s so gratifying to see results after traditional methods are unsuccessful. For us, our most rewarding cases involve…


Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. It begins as a postural distortion and may become a permanent deformity. Allowed to advance, it may interfere with the lungs, heart and many other vital organs. As a doctor who studies the CLEAR™ Institute method, Dr. Myers is trained extensively in helping people with scoliosis not just to reduce your pain, but also to physically reduce the size of the spinal curvature so that your body can begin to work properly. He has seen some amazing results from people that have had their lives changed by the CLEAR™ method of scoliosis reduction.

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Headaches / Migraines

Most people aren’t aware that the nerves in the upper neck are what control all of the blood, oxygen and nerve supply to the brain. The slightest headache is a warning sign that something is wrong inside. By adjusting the spine and taking pressure off of those nerves, the body heals. Over the last 10 years we have had phenomenal results helping hundreds of patients get off headache and migraine medication for good.


Earaches are not from swimming pools, flat Eustachian tubes, or bath tubs. The nerves in the upper neck are what control the drainage of fluids from the ear. They also supply all the healing and maintain proper function within the ear. Dr. Myers has seen the most inflamed ears improve within just a few days without tubes, antibiotics or earplugs. He loves seeing kids react positively to the adjustment and realize that their body was made to heal, and inside them is the most powerful doctor on the planet!


The nerves in the mid-back directly control the muscle at the top of the stomach to keep the stomach contents from coming back up. The nerve system also controls the sympathetics which controls how much stomach acid should be in the stomach at all times. When the nerve signals are blocked, reflux is a warning sign that the body is not healing or functioning properly.

Sinus Problems

The first three spinal nerves in the neck control the sinuses and immune system. Most people aren’t aware that a sinus problem is a sign that the immune system is malfunctioning and shutting down. By taking pressure off of these nerves, we have been able to help dozens of patients who have had chronic sinus problems get rid of them for good. The body can heal; it just needs no interference!

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